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We strongly recommend you to begin your coursework as soon as you are given such a task. Brilliant coursework needs a lot of time, so you have to start as early as possible.


如何提高course work的文學素養和寫作技能。學生不僅要學會寫course work,而且要學會技巧和方法。技巧和方法可以幫助我們快速地創造想法和寫作順序,更有效地完成course work的工作。
如何寫好一篇couse work是每個留學生都面臨的難題,寫出一篇優秀的course work可以讓導師對你刮目相看,也可以豐富了自己的十實力。本文講述了關于如何寫好Coursework的一些技巧和方法,希望能幫助到各位同學。

How to improve the literary literacy and writing skills of course work. Students should not only learn to write course work, but also learn skills and methods. Skills and methods can help us to create ideas and writing order quickly and complete the work of course work more effectively.
How to write a good course work is a problem faced by every overseas student. Writing an excellent course work can make the tutor look at you with great admiration and enrich his ten strengths. This article describes some skills and methods about how to write coursework, hoping to help you.
We strongly recommend you to begin your coursework as soon as you are given such a task. Brilliant coursework needs a lot of time, so you have to start as early as possible. Always stay calm so that you cannot mess up your performance due to pressure. Do not rush to complete your assignment on one sitting. Divide your workload precisely and work slowly from day to day. This way you can have manageable pieces of work to do every day, and it enables you to pay great attention to your assignment.

How to Start a Coursework
The most important and vital part of coursework writing is research. Always make sure all the sources of information you use are credible. Various sources like material written by authentic writers, visiting the libraries, surfing the internet or written class notes can be used as great sources.
Try to be organized and make an efficient timetable before you start working on your assignments. Follow your set timetable and avoid rushing your work. Never work on your coursework when your deadline is approaching. In case of emergencies preset a completion date before you are required to submit your work.
The Perfect Way on How to Structure a Coursework
If you want to excel in coursework writing, you need to have a good structure. This means:
Structuring your coursework is essential for all academic writing for a reason. A structure allows a writer to thoroughly layout your assignments and plans on how your final paper will look.
A coursework structure is created after finishing the studying of your research sources. When doing this, you can loom at good coursework written by other students.
Be careful not to have plagiarism because it is a huge mistake that can cause you to ultimately fail your coursework paper.
Create a structure that is able to provide you with reliable follow up when writing your assignment.
The introduction is what draws in a reader.
It should be enticing but short. Your beginning statement should always draw in your reader. This will make the argument or information interesting, leaving your reader asking for more. Once you have a great beginning and all the context needed, counter check your paper to make sure it is consistent and coherent. Don’t be discouraged if you write your introduction many times, it means you have a grasp of the right thing to do.
A Great Coursework Body
The body is where a writer states the main argument and fully develops it. Each paragraph should contain a key point clearly supporting an argument. The follow up should support all key points and be backed up with substantial evidence. The body of the essay is the building block for the coursework assignment. The body paragraph will be quite readable if it doesn’t contain large chunks of text. Simple paragraphs of 4-5 lines are quite enough.
A Moving Coursework Conclusion
A conclusion plays an important role in paper writing. It helps to reinforce your argument or main idea of your paper. Our experts insist that you have to restate the thesis statement and main idea of the coursework. Without a good conclusion, your essay will look blunt. This will make your assignment seem incomplete.

Coursework sample 
Humanized design
The scientific outlook on development refers to the theme of putting people first, which shows that people occupy a dominant position in life. This paper discusses the humanity of design around the application of human nature design in life. First of all, the concept of humanized design starts from the beginning and points out the main areas of humanized design. Secondly, through the successful application of humanized design in interior design and product design, the advantages of humanized design are illustrated. Finally, summarize the future trend and importance of humanized design.

The concept of humanized design and design are inseparable, refers to the process of the design in the original based on the premise of the basic function of design considerations will people daily behavior habits, the body's physiological structure and psychological situation to such factors as the mode of thinking is also considered to design for the audience in the process of interaction more portable, comfortable and durable to use, etc.; Humanized design is the crystallization of the wisdom of it will be combined together: science, technology, art and human nature in the design of the background of science and technology to ensure the structure of the solid and practical function, art and humanity in design is full of fun and vitality.

Design in the contemporary life is everywhere, but less good design, good design can let a person cheerful life, bad design can affect the person's life, bring inconvenience or even result in a bad mood.

Interior design is to point to according to the nature of the use of interior space, the environment and the corresponding standards, using the material means and architectural aesthetics principle, create a reasonable, comfortable and beautiful will satisfy people material and spiritual needs of the indoor environment. Interior design is a big category in design, which is closely related to people's living life.
The house refinement design advocated by professor zhou minyan of tsinghua university is the best example of humanization of interior design. Kitchen design, for example, in the kitchen, on the basis of the human behavior and the use of comfort and convenience, the height of cabinet put oneself in another's position is divided into upper, middle and lower three regions: the lower the height is 600 mm, is ground to body area of the vertical arm drooping fingers, access to inconvenience, must bend over or squat down operation, general access heavier or unusual items; The height of the middle part is 600-1800mm, which is the range of the shoulder axis and the radius of the upper limb. Upper height is more than 1800mm, it is not easy to take the height of the item, need to stand on the stool or ladder, provide long-term fixed storage for light and not commonly used items.

Condole ark bottom elevation is small easy to cause operations to meet and keep out the line of sight, and the central mesa for 700 mm deep tank bottom elevation can reduce, to increase reserves, central mesa for 600 mm deep tank bottom elevation to rise, in case the line of sight block and head. These small sizes may not seem like much on their own, but they are obvious in everyday life. The reasonable design of the cabinet size can be more convenient for us to take the goods, which can effectively avoid unnecessary collision between people and the cabinet, so that people can live a more comfortable life.

Product design is a creative process of integrated information processing is through a variety of elements such as lines, symbols, Numbers, color combinations of methods such as the shape of the product in the form of a plane or three-dimensional display. It will be a person of a particular purpose or need into a specific physical or tools, the process of planning, planning ideas, problem solving, to introduce a method, through the concrete operation, expressed in the form of the ideal. Product design is also very close to people's design scope, it directly touches People's Daily life living. When it comes to product design, we have to mention the most revolutionary product iphone. Below, we will see how it can change our life to the utmost from the perspective of application types.

For example, the iphone divides its system into three main types of Applications: Productivity Applications, Utility Applications and Immersive Applications. The main service scope of efficiency application is to help users complete daily needs of life, such as photo management and sharing, email sending and receiving, closing and opening of various applications, etc. Such applications typically come with a natural hierarchy; The utility is mainly used to execute a series of simple task commands. Immersive applications are designed in the broadest range and can provide a rich experience for users through different games and entertainment. Each of the three applications has its own unique features and applications. The iphone is really designed for people, it's really designed for people.

The design aims at whether to meet the physiological and psychological needs revealed in people's own life, which is the incentive to promote the development of human design. The behavioral scientists maslow's hierarchy of needs theory put forward by the it from low to high is divided into five levels of hierarchy is physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for the needs and self-actualization needs. He points out that the relationships between the five levels rise step by step, and that the needs of the upper level must be relatively satisfied if the needs of the lower level are to be generated. So also in the same way, human design, from simple rough design form, the practical spirit to dealing with cultural factors of humanized design trend that he mentioned the embodiment of the hierarchy of needs rise step by step. That is to say, with the continuous development of society and the accelerated pace of life, people need more high-level and spiritual comfort. This is especially true in the information age when competition is fierce. Therefore, humanized design is the inevitable result of social economy and human development, and the internal demand of human needs to rise at a higher level. Design can change our life, but the higher level of humanized design can make our life more happy and happy.

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