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Short Essay寫作套路知多少?

時間:2020-05-25 16:19來源:essaywritershere.net 作者:cinq 點擊:
本文是留學生Essay寫作指導,本次主要是針對Short Essay在寫作內容與思路上的具體方法進行講解,供參考。


實際上留學生Essay根據不同的寫作要求可以出現眾多分類,不同類型的essay在寫作內容上均有差異,提到short essay,由于其內容和篇幅甚至是寫作時間的嚴格要求,會讓需要學生無法下筆,無論是寫作思路還是內容亮點上,這些都成為學生完成essay的最大問題,實際上對于short essay的寫作也是有需要解決方法和技巧的,今天essaywritershere就為大家講解short essay寫作中“滿滿的套路”!
      Short Essay完成時間為:40-60分鐘
      快快正確GET應對short essay的套路
      Step 1: 
      a. 搜集觀點及例子
      b. 選擇確定自己的觀點 
      Step 2:
      寫作階段(四段式):1. 開頭段:背景介紹
      3. 結尾段:重申觀點,提出建議
      Step 3:
      Along with the proliferation of …
      Although there are various views on …, on a personal note, I believe …
      On the one hand, there are clear benefits for establishing...
      First of all, ...
      Furthermore, ...
      A good example in this respect is that...
      On the other hand, however, there are some drawbacks that we must take into consideration. 
      Most importantly … 
      On top of that, ...
      In conclusion, it is evident that...
      If well managed, or regulated by authorities,the xxx can be expected to play a vital role in the …
      It is believed that laws can change people's behaviour. What is your opinion?
      Along with the economic growth, the rightness and effectiveness of laws in regulating people’s behavior have been heatedly debated recently. Although there are various views on the importance of laws, on a personal note, I tend to believe their positive influence on our society. 
      First of all, laws have always been contributing to our civilization by eliminating anti-social activities and reducing violence. In other words, people have become so familiar with them that their effectiveness can not be neglected. It is difficult, or impossible to maintain the order of our society if laws disappear. Furthermore, laws also play a vital role in promoting justice and equality. For example, punishments to criminals will greatly encourage the citizens who well obey the laws. 
      On the other hand, however, there are some drawbacks that we have to take into consideration as well. Obviously, the latency in legislation can reduce the positive effects of laws. For example, with the advent of information technology era, some new formations of crimes such as computer hacking, or online thefts, et cetera are burgeoning in modern society. However, the relevant laws are clearly delayed in this domain so that many criminals have successfully managed to escape from justice. In addition, sometimes, bad executions of laws might impact their reputation among people. 
      In conclusion, laws play an extremely important role in civilized society, by punishing the evil and protecting the good. Everyone in the society should work together with the law-makers to promote a more effective legal system in our society.

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