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如何寫出一篇優秀的學期作業 How to write an excellent term paper

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How to write an excellent term paper is something that every student must experience. If you want your term paper to be different, you should always have a new methodology, keen insight, and be attractive enough to catch the teacher's eye and let him



Tempaper is a project that everyone should write. It makes every year's tempaper look special. We need to make an original method, with enough insight to attract the teacher's eyes, so that he can read the whole text.

Tempaper, though hard to write, has no fixed rules. As long as everyone has good writing skills and a clear understanding of writing, they can reasonably use consulting tools to think whether writing is a handwritten work. It's hard.

All students should know how to write a good temple. If you want your termaper to be special, you have to have a new way to be sharp enough to attract the teacher's attention and let him read the whole article.
1.Determine your own theme. 描述你的主題

The more creative you are, the better; choose a topic you are very interested in, and you can write an article, especially if you choose the topic you want to learn. Once you have determined Theme, the second part should make it feasible; in short, if you start to choose too many themes, you can't finish the task in the specified time and space. You should narrow down the scope. You can finish the deadline before you want to write a topic. If the topic of the paper is limited, you must choose a unique point of view to avoid repetition. Finally, no matter what kind of prospect you choose as a theme, you must have innovative methods, Deep understanding and content attract readers.
Reading other people's comments, opinions and reports can help you improve your opinion, especially when they say, This issue needs to be studied in more depth, "or leave an open question.
2. Do your research first. 首先做出你的研究
First of all, you need to understand the background of the topic and your current views on this issue, and at the same time find out the meaningful follow-up research in this field. In the process of research, you should be adventurous, have an open vision of what you have already mastered, and be willing to use new perspectives to look at old problems. When doing research, we should use not only original materials (such as original text, documents, bills, interviews, experiments, etc.), but also secondary materials (such as other people's comments and interpretations of the original materials). On some occasions, we can also discuss with like-minded friends, or even discuss a topic on the Internet if you like, but the content of these discussions is only to share views and help you refine your ideas, and can't be used as references in the literature.

3. Refine your central idea. 完善你的中心思想
When you have finished your research, go back to the topic of the article. The central idea is the backbone that supports your entire termpper. This central idea is demonstrated by your research results in the following paragraphs.
4. It's time to write an outline. 一個提綱
When studying in China, many students have formed the habit of not writing topics. It's a waste of time, but it's not true. The time spent writing a plan is better than not, Because it fits the whole termper structure. Once you start to lose direction in the writing process, this sentence may remind you of the structure of the article, so you will not be completely Deviate from the theme of the article.

5. List your arguments in the introduction section 在引言部分列出你的論點
The import stage may be difficult, but it should not be an obstacle. Generally speaking, the beginning of the work may need to be rewritten. As the article progresses and the direction changes, That's why we have to think of it as the simplest start and remind ourselves that it can change at any time. You can stop writing, because even if you screw up, you can change the need for it.
6. Use the main body of your paper to persuade the reader 用論文的主體說服讀者
Make sure that each paragraph supports this argument with a new point of view. Separate the first sentence of each paragraph; when you put them together, It should be seen as a list of evidence to prove your central idea.
7. High level summary: "ROCC" method 高級總結:“ROCC”方法
R stands for "repeat", which means to repeat your central idea.
O stands for "one", which means that the last paragraph of your paper usually has an important detail.
C stands for "summarize", which means learning to summarize.
C stands for "clincher" (evidence), which means you want to leave readers with something to think about.
Paper examples:  作業例子
1.General economic background of China 中國的經濟背景

At present, China's macro economy still faces downward pressure, such as enterprise profit growth, excess capacity remains to be digested, export demand is weak, and the bank's non-performing loan ratio is on the rise, and so on. But overall, positive factors supporting economic growth remain.
In recent years, the employment situation of our country is not optimistic; especially the employment situation of college students is becoming more and more serious. Personnel in our country, the employment absorption is service industry, and services for the last few years to accommodate the employment more and more, service industry as the third industry in our country national economy plays an extremely important role (Tang, 2017). China's services have accelerated development, created many jobs and solved many employment personnel, which also benefited from the steady and rapid development of our economy. There is a big relationship between economic development and employment, economic growth has certain enhancement effect to employment absorption capacity, is expected in 2015 the new employment to more than 10 million people, the overall employment pressure is not big, but the employment situation of college students and migrant workers employment situation is quite serious, countries in the process of economic development in the future should be more attention to the problem of employment of college students, and to solve the problem of employment of college students.
From the perspective of price, the prices of industrial consumer goods in China are basically stable, and the price of international commodities is in a stable operation, and the inflationary pressure is not great. From the perspective of service price, the population structure has changed, and the wage of the laborer has gradually risen, which has caused the price of some living services to rise. From the point of food prices, most of the food production, food prices are relatively stable, but relatively speaking, vegetables, meat prices will rise, it may have a connection with labor wage increases. In addition, from the point of resource products, resource products in constant reform in recent years, the prices of resource products, appear the situation of high prices, the country's energy conservation and emissions reduction, promote energy-saving emission reduction policies have a connection. In addition, throughout the country's real estate industry, housing prices have also changed a certain amount, the housing price has achieved a small increase(KELLYet.,al, 2017),.
Looking at the development trend of macro economy, China's economy still maintains rapid growth, its development potential is still very big. In terms of market demand, the potential of market demand is huge. As the disposable income of our residents increases continuously, the potential demand of the market will gradually change to the realistic demand of payment capacity, which will produce a lasting impetus to economic development. In terms of the contribution of technological progress to economic development, the contribution of technological progress to economic growth will gradually increase. And now pay more and more attention to technology development and support of enterprise technology research and invention and use of energy-saving products, this will optimize the structure of the enterprise, promote the development of economy and the efficiency of enterprises improved. In terms of labor force, China's labor resources are abundant and the quality is constantly improving. With the development of China's industrialization and urbanization, the labor force will continue to transfer to the second and third industries, and the quality of the labor force is constantly improving. From the point of economic system reform, after several years of reform, the socialist market economy system preliminarily established, needs unceasingly to reform the economic structure, coordinating the relationship between the public sector of the economy and the non-public sector of the economy, so as to further promote the reform of economic system in our country, make its release the vitality of the new development. Besides, in the aspect of economic development, China should also set up two domestic and foreign markets, two resources; effectively promote the rapid development and smooth operation of the national economy. Run in 2016, China's international balance of payments will still face many uncertain and unstable factors, is likely to continue to render the current-account balance is balanced basically, cross-border capital flows two-way volatility "of the landscape(TokarAsaad, 2015). From a more certain point of view, one is that our country's regular projects, especially the trade in goods, will continue to run a surplus. Secondly, the service trade deficit is still large, important projects continue to be a balance of China's current account balance of payments, this is mainly due to the domestic residents travel abroad, study abroad, such as consumer enthusiasm remains high, consumption concept also gradually shift. Third, the renminbi will continue to maintain a positive spread against major international currencies such as the dollar, euro and yen. Four is China's economic growth will remain at high levels in the world's major economies, a series of structural adjustment and reform measures are introduced and implemented, would boost market confidence, stable economic growth, long-term capital inflows.

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